E’ uscito la versione 5.x-1.0 di TLC, il module che incorpora il Technorati Link Count Widget all’interno dei nodi Drupal.

New Features:

  • Added more control over node types view. Fine-grained options.
  • Added more options in node body/teaser view. Now there are 4 choices: Disabled, Teaser View, Full-page View, Teaser and Full-page View. (Thanks to the service_link module and frjo for grained control).
  • Added user control access.
  • Configurable text for Link Widget

Cos’è TLC (Technorati Link Count Widget)? (dal sito Technorati):

Imagine if you could display the number of links to each of your posts in real-time — updated live for all your visitors. That's what you get with the Technorati Link Count Widget. It's a simple piece of code that lets you make your site or blog more dynamic.

Technorati tracks when other bloggers link to your blog and this widget makes it possible for you to display the number of links on every blog post. We call them “reactions” to encourage readers to follow the conversation. To add the widget, copy and paste the code below into your blog’s template. You’ll be inserting this into your blog’s HTML, not a post.</code>

Insomma, è il Trackback senza SPAM :) Spero vi sia d’aiuto.